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 Organization Rules

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PostSubject: Organization Rules   Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:33 pm

In this world we have two types of Organizations; Clan Orgs, and Custom orgs. Both are an important part of the forum and its event structure, and here we will explain the two.

Clan Organizations.
Clan Orgs are ran by the staff and could be considered an NPC in itself. It is the political structure of each clan and their decisions. This can effect and even cause events, situations where this is important is if two tribes declare war on each other, or even if one is creating a secret experiment that gets out of hand. OC's can interact with these orgs by fighting for them and identifying with them.

For example you make a character who is very loyal to the Ingenium clan. The Septru clan decides they have had it with the Viefer and their pillaging and declares war against them. The Septru asks Ingenium to do the same as due to their strong political connection they agree. Your character would be affected the same way any country at war would be, and the Ingenium may even look to your character for help in battle depending on your fame. Maybe even promote you to a commander of a small militia. That is just one example how even a different clan's decisions can effect yours.

When you declare alignment with a Clan org, you must be approved. Such as a Kyoti native who lived all his life in Kyoti can't waltz over to the Sheng empire and align with them, you have to prove loyalty to the clan despite being born of their enemy.

Joining one does have some perks however. Depending on how deep you go you can gain payment for a ranking position, privileges within the country, even secret information that can help with either hunting creatures, events, and even foreshadowing to stop and/or begin events. In a very rare case it is even possible to become the leader of one of these Orgs, however Staff will always at least play a council, and if the council disapproves or even the society as a whole disprove, the consequences can be dire.

Novus Organizations Rule
So you wanna create an organization? You greedy bastards… we make a beautiful world with clans and you wana go ahead and start something new. WE LOVE IT! Well done you’ve started your first steps towards making a real impact on the world of novus just by reading this… hopefully in the subtle soft sweet velvety voice of Gilbert Gottfried. But an organization requires upkeep and membership and if you let it die you will be hunted by the staff until the ends of the earth or as far as we feel like drifting from our chairs… ok we probably won't do anything but we will give you dirty looks through our computers. Ok down to business read the rules, respect our decisions, and have fun.

Organization Creation Rules:
Any member can create an organization so long as they have a group of no less than four members (including the leader) willing to participate in the organization. The higher tier the organization the more notoriety your organization has this comes with additional benefits as well as responsibilities. Any member wishing to create an organization must fill out the form below so it can be reviewed by staff. Once approved the organization has been created and can start accumulating organization exp in order to improve tier.

Organization Application
Name: Self-explanatory what do you call yourself?
Purpose: Why does your organization exist, what’s its goal ?
Origin: How did your organization come about?
Base location: Where is your base of operation
Hierarchy: How is your organization structured? Is it ruled by a council? Single leader? How does someone gain these positions? Election? Murder? Fair combat?
Funding: How does your organization support itself?
Names of founding members: Besides the original poster the remaining founding members must post in agreement below the application.
  • Founder 1 / Position
  • Founder 2 / Position
  • Founder 3 / Position
  • Founder 4 / Position

Organization Tier Chart:
Tier 3 organization: Your organization is small and fragile, your base is minimal generally a warehouse or a cave your name isn’t well known and garners little respect (starting tier).
  • Your organization earns: X coins a month through its activities
  • You are granted 5 NPCs per member account in your organization
  • Organization leader(s) character must make 1 organization related post per month or lose their position

Tier 2 organization: Your organization has grown, your base now has a small medical ward, training facilities, crafting facilities, and barracks. Your organization is known throughout your home continent and commands some respect/fear. (1000exp required)
  • Your organization earns: XX coins a month through its activities
  • You are granted 10 NPCs per member account in your organization
  • Organization leader(s) character must make 2 organization related post per month or lose their position

Tier 1 organization: Your organization is well established your base a multitude of complex facilities and a fully equipped hospital you may also set up an alpha site on another continent to continue your operations. Your name is known across Novus and inspires/strikes hope/fear in the hearts of its inhabitants. (5000exp required)
  • Your organization earns: XXX coins a month through its activities
  • You are granted 20 NPCs per member account in your organization
  • Organization leader(s) character must make 3 organization related post per month or lose their position

Tier 0 organization: Your organization is a monolith, clans and nations know and respect its name your actions will influence the very development of the world and you have multiple bases located in the territory of every clan friendly with you. (25,000exp required)
  • Your organization earns: XXXX coins a month through its activities
  • You are granted 50 NPCs per member account in your organization
  • Organization leader(s) character must make an organization related post weekly or lose their position

Note: Organization leaders who inform staff of an extended leave of absence are exempt from the posting requirement so long as they start posting again when they return. You don’t have to provide a reason that’s your life and we aren’t Nazis.

Earning Exp:
  • Sign a new member: 50 exp (only counts for first character of that account to join organization)
  • Defeat another organization: 300 exp either in a friendly competition or war.
  • Participate in an event: 50 exp per member
  • Member wins a site tournament: 500 exp
  • Staff awarded points: X exp, a staff member has noted something impressive your organization or a member of it has done and decided to award organization experience. This must be seconded by another staff member and the awarding staff may not be a member of the organization.

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Organization Rules
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