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 Clan Summary

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PostSubject: Clan Summary    Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:29 am


All the banners are clickable and will link you straight to their page.

Owasa Clan

Government Structure: The government structure of the Owasa is based off of tribal diplomacy and councils. They are community based in practice and elect a chief of their particular tribe to lead them for numerous reasons. These reasons would be the chief’s closeness to nature, prowess in battle, and their closeness with the tribe. Because of this, Owasa tribes rarely follow anyone who takes leadership by force or guile. The leader is often referred to as The Chief or The Wise one.

Technology:  The Owasa’s have little technology, mainly due to their nomadic ways. They have little in the way of metallurgy or mechanical developments. Their architecture is almost nonexistent, preferring to live in tents and temporary housing made of sodden bricks or tree structures. They generally use animals to travel long distances without the use of carriages. They are practically in the Stone Age, with a few tribes having trade routes with larger empires and clans for more advanced goods.

Stereotypes: The Owasa clan is highly intelligent when it comes to nature and natural medicines and uses of plants. They are generally muscular and great in group combat. They are normally seen by other clans as unpredictable and neutral. The Owasa usually know very few languages and know very little formal education ideas.

Powers: Using the ability of Bio, or personal biology, is biological manipulation of themselves or external materials such as plants or partner animals. They have a connection with nature and their partner animals if they possess one. Other variations of their powers appear as becoming an incarnation of a particular animal or an animal possessing enough power to become a human with animalistic traits.

Spirad Clan

Government Structure: Fragmented beyond belief, the Spirad Clan is a loosely held together clan based upon territory and shared bloodlines. Ruled by powerful dictators, kings and queens, and in a few rare cases a collective, the Spirad base their society on strength and economy. Very few things are more important to a Spirad than money and power. This power structure allows for giant divides between the numerous kingdoms of the Spirad which bicker and wage war upon each other.

Technology: Possessing medieval styled technology the Spirad’s do not use large mechanical equipment due to their abilities of summoning large creatures. Because of their powers, their architecture is generally large and strongly solidified. The Spirad use carriages along with various vehicles such as warships to travel the sea or flying creatures to travel from kingdom to kingdom.

Stereotypes: The Spirad are a hardy people, war-driven and political, the Spirad’s are well known for their barbaric nature and intuition in combat. They are seen as strong knights and bandits of their respective kingdoms. They are influential traders with other clans while also knowing many languages because of this. They are normally fragmented into many different factions fighting amongst eachother.

Powers: The ability to summon forth powerful avatars and creatures, the Spirad are well known for their magical abilities and personal avatars. These summoned creatures are directly linked to the summoner which allows for great utility in different aspects. Avatars can be much larger than the summoner themselves along with avatars being able to join together with their summoner for more interesting aspects of combat.

Ingenium Clan

The wild wild west, or otherwise known as the Ingenium Clan, is at the lead of technological advancement and only bested by the Atum clan in manufacturing. The Ingenium are a western influenced clan that lives mainly in plane areas, or other places that have large flat lands and a high quantity of natrual resources nearby; oil, iron, gold especially. They usually have a large amount of Navi pro however the inability of any spells or way to naturally use it, as a result their towns and other settlements have many technology that run off their magical energy.

The Ingenium are very democratic, usually voting on the leader that they most believe will take them far in the world, and are always hungry for advancement. They are the first clan to create a form of fire-arm, though in comparison to our real world weapons they are as useful as a bow and arrow. The signature weapon of choice is a revolver style weapon that shoots navipro energy at their targets. Due to their advancements they are generally independent people, not always conforming to their leader's rule making them a more dangerous place to visit.

They are pretty exploitative however they prefer to settle in the long run, it isn't strange to find a couple Ingenium people living among st other clans, however the ones that live in their homelands are very conceit about their culture, ones that live in other cultures are quick to adapt and easy to blend. The Ingenium all speak english, however they love to learn other languages making them well versed in other clan's dialect. They are also a very class and pride filled clan, most of the richer classes believing they are entitled to anything they want, regardless the territory they are in, and expect to be treated as well as the amount of money they have.

Viefer Clan

The clan of the sea, very similar to Vikings. They are a war hungry clan who are usually quick to a fight. Their powers include 'wave' manipulation, which has some pretty good wiggle room. Tempature, sound, light, are the usual commands these viking like people have power over, and usually a very important part. The Viefer clan are also very explorative, having more sea bearing ships then the other clans making their powers critical to getting out of sticky situations such as storms, windless days, or even avoiding an ice berg.

Unlike many clans who have their communities together under one leader, the Viefer have no designated leader, they are ran by many smaller leaders over their own group, ruled completely by respect in the battlefield. Generally taking the head of one will grant you command over the group, unless the group decides they don't like you. Their clan has high values for violence, if your not a fighter then you are an outcast, doesn't matter if you are man or woman.

Despite their violent tendency, the Viefer clan are very pro-equality, they don't care if you are male or female; young or old, even if you believe in a different religion then the other, as long as you hold a weapon and fight until your last breath beside them, you are family. It isn't strange for a woman to run a Viefer group, or a young man to have more respect then some elders.

The Viefer's homeland should take special mention as well. The homeland is known to house a large amount of the clan being a sort of trade point for them all. The island itself is a mobile island that is constantly on the move. Most Viefer; being sea experts, Conquerors, or traders, have almost a sixth sense to being able to find their island.

Kyoti Clan

The Kyoti are inspired by Tokugawa era of japan. The live in more marsh land area's with plenty of fresh water, and largely known for their massive agricultural farms, having some of the most diverse vegetation. The clan also practice a ritual called the “Demon Pact”, this ritual is for the militia of their clan and consists of summoning a demon for them to host into their body, this causes small changes in their physical appearance, the seal generally being on a limb that causes said limb to contain demon physique relative to their demon's. The demon also has a direct psychic link to the host's head, enabling conversation and even at times corruption, as the demon's goal is to take complete control of the host's body. The pact generally consists of a promise to the demon that the host must accomplish. The feeling to accomplish said goal is very powerful and not something the host can just ignore, however once they finish their end of the bargain, the demon becomes completely submissive. However these tasks are usually very difficult (note: your character can not be made with the pact already completed.)

Sheng Clan

Sheng Clan, Chinese, Raw Energy- Deep in the heart of the mountains the Sheng clan prospers in solitude. Having lived generations on their exclusive territory, the Sheng Clans have a long history of war, strife, achievement, and powerful abilities. Based off of ancient China, the Sheng clans have a long lasting traditions, still holding ground in the more modern world they now live in. Living in a very diverse ecological area, beasts are no rarer than trees. The Sheng having lived side by side with these beasts, friendly and not, they generally have a better understanding of many beasts. Furthermore the Sheng’s unique abilities revolve around energy control, better put raw energy. This ability grants many fighters the chance to fire beams of energy at their opponents, each person possessing a different aura of color and possible side effects. While some users may have energy that burns nearby plant life on impact, some may have energy attacks that have more explosive potential. Their abilities being unique between each individual. However, with that being said, not many of the Sheng have this ability, or proper control. There have been many incidents where soldiers have lost control of their powers and end up hurting their allies, and themselves. The few who do control their powers become important soldiers for the many armies in the Sheng Clans, different factions wanting dominance over others in various ways. While some clans prioritize money and economics others may prioritize their ancestors and various faiths and rituals. The factions are as diverse as those who inhabit them.
Because of the isolation of the Sheng clans, few actually know the outside world’s major languages, specifically English. Many adventurers and tradesman do exist, but few actually make it back to spread the discoveries they have made, due to many factions keeping the outside world a secret through laws, and regulations.

Septru Clan

Government Structure: A singular and enormous empire the Septru Clan is ruled by one and only one person at a time. The leader is chosen by large counsels and a senate ran by more elite and educated citizens of the empire. The leader is always chosen for what the population of the empire desires most at that time. During times of war the ruler could be a harsh dictator or in times of economic trouble the ruler may change to an economist. This fluid change of leaders happens often leading to a pool of rulers that would seem to take shifts during different times of turmoil.

Technology: Possessing powerful fleets of ships to rival other clans, the Septru have wonderful mechanical ingenuity, though they still lack more efficient technology.  They have use of rudimentary cranes and wooden structures to create and build their society. They have aqueducts and plantations for food, knowing many ways to move and control the landscape for their benefit. Most of their citizens live in relative luxury of running water and sewers.

Stereotypes: The Septru Clan is normally seen as elitist city dwellers with a knack for expansions. They embrace many different cultures due to their personality of expanding dominion across more land. Some smaller clans view the Septru as barbarians.

Powers: The Septru hold the power of embodiment. The Septru are one of very few clans that have every single citizen of their clan possessing some form of ability. Because of this the Septru’s powers are wide and diverse. Some take on the embodiment of fire whereas some may have the attribute of greed or patience. This allows Warriors to be able to fight with their embodiment such as having skin made of metal or summoning flames from their bodies.

Atum Clan

Government Structure: Ruled by the best of the best, the Atum Clan is led by an individual who has surpassed their predecessor.  This leads to a very strong ruler, generally highly intelligent, and one who can prove to their society they are, in fact, the best of all of them. The leader does not need to win the hearts of their citizens, rather the society itself is built on the premise that only the most intelligent and skilled should rule.

Technology: Possessing fabulous vehicles for traveling sand, dirt, and water the Atum are the second most technologically advanced society. They utilize carriages, ships, and rudimentary flying machines for short distances and have access to large mechanical apparatuses to build their cities. They know how to use water to their advantage while living in the desert. They have well maintained infrastructure such as lamps and roads.

Stereotypes: The Atum are known as nudists due to their societal norms of using everything on their body to further their work in crafting. They are highly intelligent but weird, seen as a creative group of people. Though other clans see the Atum as loners as they realatively only live amongst themselves, only working alongside the Spirad which are the closest clan to them. They know manylanguages.

Powers: They possess the power of material creation. The Atum do not know how to create biological materials, but the Atum can create large walls and fine weaponry and armor, granting them additional bonuses due to their creation ability. Even more so, some rare exceptions of the Atum can create more than just physical matter.
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Clan Summary
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