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 Septru Clan

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PostSubject: Septru Clan   Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:39 pm


Powers- Embodiment; Elemental or metaphysical. They have the ability to turn their own body into their element.

Elemental; Septru have the ability to turn parts of their body into an element such as Fire, rock, or even lightning, however even if from the outside it looks like a Septru’s arm is replaced with flames, there is still a physical structure hidden inside that is damageable.The more physical damage a Septru takes, the less amount of their body they can form into their element, making a Septru fresh in battle very frightening.

Metaphysical; meaning a form of emotion, aspiration, something that isn’t physical or

elemental, these kind of clansman have a different set of abilities. These abilities are based around emotional turmoil, possessive natures and the like. These powers stem from the individual’s mind, where they can grow strong or weaker depending on the person. However, this does not mean that someone could be infinitely powerful, as their body is only so strong. For example, if a Septru uses the embodiment of anger, their power grows the angrier they become, but at some point they  reach a limit, as their body would start to crumble under their own power. (The stronger you become, the more damage, or vulnerable you are. Also, more prone to emotions they are embodying.)

Forced Mutation; during forced mutation they have minor control over their embodiment, elementals can control outside force to a degree while metaphysical can induce theirs in their target.

Clan Personality- Diplomatic and larger than life is the Septru’s way of life. A Septru is expected to embody their clan’s heritage and master their personal abilities to become the best of the best. On average a clansmen emphasizes dignity and honor, they expect also expect this of their enemies and allies as well. To fault on a treaty or contract with a Septru is to commit social suicide with them. As being honorable is, above all else, the most important factor when committing to plans. Their warriors also tend to fight this way. While at war the Septru may use dirtier tactics to save the lives of their own soldiers, but this does not mean the clan sacrifices their allies or places their soldiers in harm's way for little benefit.

Furthermore, a citizen of the clan is to be an upright person, one that emphasizes their clan’s principles. The list is as so: to show little remorse for their enemies, to be stalwart protectors of justice, to bring equality for their citizens, and to be fair, but intelligent in personal decisions. The Septru try to define themselves, and carry themselves, in the best way that they can. However, this does not mean they are push-overs. The Septru are warlike when it comes to matters of honor, as they possess a very large region of territory, taken through conquest.

  • Very loyal
  • Emphasizing equality and fairness.
  • Diplomatic
  • Creativity
  • Very warlike when it comes to matters of honor.

General Perks/Limits-

[list="margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt;"]
[*] All Septru clansmen and clanswomen have abilities, weak or powerful.
[*]Septru warriors have access to light armaments and protection for beginning tiers.
[*]They are limited to one metaphysical or elemental alignment. (Greed, fire, darkness, etc.)
[*]All npcs’ and characters’ have an overbearing weakness. The weakness is that they are all unable to utilize their abilities with outside sources. As in, if a Septru could use fire as their ability, they can not utilize fire not produced by themselves.

Alliances/Friendly- (F)Kyoti, (A)Ingenium,(N)Viefer, (F)Asula

Enemies/Unfriendly- (U)Owasa, (U)Ibrida, (U)Sheng, (E)Spirad, (E)Atum
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Septru Clan
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