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 Tier Chart

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PostSubject: Tier Chart   Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:25 pm

Tier Chart

Tiers are similar to the “Level” of your character. This doesn't mean you can't beat someone of higher tier, just that higher tier will be stronger than you in some way, shape, or form. Tier rising is all about challenges against special characters of that tier system. If you win you get one tier up. In order to tier up, you need to get into a certain number of battle threads before each challenge, and provide those threads, they can not be used for two different tier ups. There will be one character designated for challenge per tier, they will be a bit stronger than the tier they play on, they are the only non-playable race and will be used by either an admin or moderator in a battle.

Tier Stages

Starting Tiers(ST)-Starting tiers are one of the tiers you will get for your app no matter how good, this rule can be overlooked at times depending on the situation of the forum, and if the app truly blows our mind.

Leader Tiers(LT)-Leader tiers are the ones an organization leader will automatically receive, however any character can reach these and match the power.

Normal Tiers(NT)-Normal Tiers are just everything in between.

Master Tier(MT)-Master tier is the best you can possibly get.


ST- 2 battle threads before challenge

4-3 =This is probably the worst of the worst in the tiers, you would have to make a horrible app for it to be this tier. 4-3 is the weakest of all. This would be your standard NPC soldier, they can utilize their abilities (if the have any) to their basic strength. They are still trained athletes essentially.

4-2 = its just a bit stronger than the 4-3 tier, and the norm. for beginnings. This would be just about normal power, just discovering your natural abilities. At this point you are starting to strengthen your abilities, such as shooting a stream of fire instead of a fireball. You gain one additional power.

4-1 = This is the best Starting Tier, you know your powers for a bit, can can control them a bit better, probably even take on a 3-3 or 3-2. You are a top of the line foot soldier who could kill several average NPC’s without any abilities (non tiered people) easily. Skills become more solidified, such as sword usage, and gun aiming.

NT-3 battle threads before challenge

3-3 = this is where your training really begins. You're just a little below average from most people, but can still handle yourself. Keeping in mind that a character has every ability as an average (not super strong or super fast) they can now start advancing in physical prowess such as lifting smaller builders and throwing them short distances. Doing intense back flips off of walls, etc.

3-2 = You can handle your energy better and have better control over your powers. Slightly more control over energy based abilities, and better realization of your summons/partners in battle. You gain one additional power.

3-1 = This is the strongest tier in this set of three, a 3-3 would be pretty easy for you to handle at this point. You also gain access to your Forced Mutation which you can hold for 2 posts. Gaining access to Forced Mutation starts to kick off everything in terms of abilities, a character at this point would be able to hit much harder than a 4-1, both with average abilities. A 3-1 would have a very noticeable difference in power compared to a 4-1.

NT-4 battle threads before challenge

2-3 = This is about average strength for all characters. You know your natural powers well, and training is in a good rate. Your character still wouldn't do so well against a 1-3, but you may stand a chance. As a 2-3 a character would be considered a war hero, meaning they are stronger than the average soldier by a good sum, and their Forced Mutation is becoming finer, and developed. For example, a 2-3 would be able to beat up 3-3’s and lowers fairly easily, given everything is average.

2-2 = You have gained more control over your own Forced Mutation and abilities. You are able to add more finesse to your powers, where they do as you want them to do nearly all of the time, such as being able to hit a bullseye frequently with arrows, or bullets. You gain one additional power.

2-1 = This tier is strongest for the set of two, beating a 1-2 would be hard, but not unheard of. Your power is better. Forced Mutation now lasts 4 posts. At this point you are a very powerful individual would could easily punch holes into brick walls, and start throwing and lifting heavier objects. Movement and durability are also increased. So being hit by rock in the head would cause bleeding more than any real damage, if it was thrown by a tier 3-2 character.

NT-5 battle threads before challenge

1-3 = Congratulations. This is where the power really hits, people of this class are more advanced and above average, but there is still ways to go. These are your war machines. Individuals who have proven themselves a cut above the rest, where they can defeat numerous amounts of lower tiers such as 3-1’s and lower much more effectively than anything else.

1-2 = You can now enter into your third stage with your near mastery control for 5 posts and any form under it for no post restriction. At this point you are starting to fully master your abilities, and your combat prowess is pretty high, knowing how to dodge more often in theory, and knowing good ways to hurt your opponents, even of the same tier. You gain one additional power.

1-1 = This is the last tier for the one sets. You are very powerful at this point, however the next set is a pretty big leap in power, 0-3 will be still tough to be, but not impossible. Forced Mutation now lasts 6 posts. These would be powerful enough to uproot trees and toss boulders in the direction they want. They are forces to be feared in battle, and should not be taken lightly.

LT-6 battle threads before challenge

0-3 = This is the start of the master ranks, all organization leaders will start at this tier however a normal characters can reach this tier just the same. Just not a quick start up here. Having reached a zero tier, you have become a master at your art, generally you are the the cream of the crop. While, there are many strong than you still, this is the place where your powers start having an even wider damage range, no more simple flamethrowers, these would be small fire storms one could whip up.

0-2 = You are the master of your powers now, and well above average. You are officially a master of your abilities, things become as natural as breathing, and as easy as walking. You can last for long periods in fighting and you're Forced Mutation could wipe out small armies of 4 tiers. Lower tiers, from 2-1 and lower are almost cannon fodder to a master. (If everything is average). You gain one additional power.

0-1 = You're pretty much a master on this site, and this tier is very hard to obtain. You can take on just about any race, 2 and 3 set tiers are a breeze if one on one fighting. Forced mutation now lasts 8 posts. Forced Mutations are incredibly powerful, even more powerful than the 0-2 tier, where one is a master. A 0-1 would be able to lift trees with one hand if they focused and throw it like a javelin.

MT-10 battle threads before challenge

0-0 = This is the absolute strongest tier you can get on this site, you become a complete grandmaster over your abilities. Forced mutation is now unrestricted, however you can still get beat out of it. The best of the best of the best! 0-0 is the best tier one could be. Stronger than a 0-1 by a larger margin, a 0-0 would not have a huge difficulty with a 0-1. Meaning a 0-1 would need to be incredibly smart in order to beat a grandmaster. A tier 4 would be knocked out if a 0-0 decided to be serious and flick the air in front of their face. They are nation builders, and destroyers of armies. Being able to make larger land changes with their powers. You gain one additional power.


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Tier Chart
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