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 Kyoti Clan

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PostSubject: Kyoti Clan   Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:40 pm


Powers- Demon Pact; The Kyoti aren’t born with natural navi like most clans, in fact a large portion of their clan is left without powers. However the soldiers and high ranking officials have found a way to compensate for this loss. They hold a Ritual that summons a demon and create a pact with said demon. In doing so the demon then resides in the host’s body and mind. A seal is placed somewhere on the host’s body where the demon’s power resonates the most, and through this seal spills their navi and also causes almost a demonic mutation in the surrounding area. For example, if the seal is located on the left hand, then that hand may take on a similar appearance to the demons. Along with the physical change, you obtain some of the demon’s powers, and have access to more as you grow stronger.

When performing this ritual the host and demon must make a pact with each other. This pact is usually the end goal for the demon, what he wants out of this bargain for giving you strength. The host then gets a very strong desire, almost unignorable, to complete this goal. The demon’s main mentality resides in your mind allowing constant and consistent conversations between yourself and the demon’s, at times of weak will, the demon may even be able to completely overtake your body, and will do so when the opportunity arises. At the end of preforming your pact, the demon becomes in complete submission to your will. however if weak willed for far too long, the demon can kill off your consciousness and assume complete control. This is judged by an inner spiritual battle.

Forced Mutation; by calling a chant out of your demons, the seal is temporarily loosened to an extreme demonic navi force is released consuming the body turning them into the complete demon form with their range of abilities. However during this time the Demon becomes more dominant then you do. The body can only hold this for so much before the seal is forced shut even tighter then before severely limiting your powers and even returning your physical shape to near original form.

Clan Personality- Built upon structure and tradition the Kyoti value loyalty till death in their armies, and devotion to the government. While this strict system may limit many individual freedoms it does take care of its citizens and soldiers through the high tax rates taken from the people. Furthermore, all citizens are required to do government work where they are able. Such as the young are required to do military service, while the old work in construction, farming, and so on. Leaving the people of the Kyoti clan very little free time to explore options the government may not deem as a good use of time.

In addition, the clan is split up in strict hierarchies based on class, skills, and knowledge. The hierarchy is not affected by family, so much on how much potential the individual has for the government. The more intelligent moving up the ranks more quickly than those who only have talent for physical labor.

  • Highly controlled society
  • Potential bases the lifestyle of the individual
  • Jobs are chosen by the top officials
  • Highly efficient
  • Little to no personal freedoms

General Perks-

[list="margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt;"]
[*]Character’s are unable to be made with already completing the demon pact.
[*]Medium strength armaments and armor available for starting tiers.
[*]They do not possess their own Navi, or energy, it is all from the demon itself.
[*]Only soldiers and high-ranking officials possess the demon pact in general, and this also means there are two conscience’s in the same body.

Alliances/Friendly- (F)Septru, (F)Spirad, (F)Ibrida, (F)Owasa, (F)Atum, (F)Ingenium, (F)Asula, (N)Viefer

Enemies/Unfriendly- (E)Sheng
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Kyoti Clan
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