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 Bestiary Entry #2

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PostSubject: Bestiary Entry #2   Wed Jul 01, 2015 4:32 pm


Species Name: Grecko Raxouris


Location: Medio

Interesting Information: Domesticated for field labor and work, Greckos are similar to horses and oxen, and are used as such. Having long been used in Medio by both clans in the area.

Physiology: Grecko Raxouris is a tropical like lizard that lives in Medio. They are a cold blooded creature that have a very high tolerance for temperature, able to withstand colder weathers due to that. Their scales are extremely thick and contain an insulation like material under them absorbing in light rays heating up the insulation.

Greckos don't have the best eyesight making them focus a lot more on their immediate surroundings. Human's use this to their advantage to keep them focused on tasks at hand rather then distracted by far away events. Now despite their shortsightedness, the Greckos to a degree see heat aswell. Their vision is as if setting the world to a grey-scale but then adding feint blue hue for cold up to yellow, orange, red then white for hot.

Approximate Strength: Stronger than an average human, Greckos are similar to beasts of burden, in which if you're kicked in the head by a grecko, it will hurt. Their scales are very durable able to take rough blunt hits and even guard against sharp bites of predators. Their scales are weakest in the front of their neck where the asophogas is close to for mobility in the neck. They have powerful jaws able to crush bone and sharp claws that can even peirce the durability of their own scale mesh. Their tale also has a lot of weight and muscle mass to it making it a powerful striking tool. Along with working in fields they make great war animals.

Abilities (If Applicable):
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Bestiary Entry #2
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