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 Human Infomation

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PostSubject: Human Infomation   Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:07 pm


Humans in the world of Novus, as an average person (no superpowers or anything) would be the equivalent of a trained athlete in the modern (real life) world of Earth. Having stated this, that means an average human from novus, no matter how fat, or weak they are compared to others in their own world, would still be stronger in most all ways when compared to a human from Earth. Furthermore, an average human in Novus could be a “trained athlete” in many different forms, whether it be the person was fast, possessed endurance, or are physically strong.

Some general perks Novus humans would have (now simply called humans) is that they would possess:

1.Increased athletic skills
2.Most would have access to some form of Navi (energy), which they can utilize to perform amazing abilities.
3.Language barriers are slightly obsolete for the roaming NPC’s and personal characters in Novus. (This allows people to be able to communicate)
4.Weaponry and other utilities for combat are more accessible for characters.
5.Characters have a stronger physique than even average humans in Novus.

Navi: The spiritual force that drives the creatures and humans of Novus. Navi is an energy that is generated in the body. Most humans have the ability to manipulate this energy into creating magical feats. that otherwise are impossible. Even some creatures have the ability to use this power to use for their own.

The amount of Navi one possesses is not an unlimited supply; using large amounts of Navi can become dangerous for the individual. Side-effects of using too much Navi than one could handle would be: difficulty walking, normal everyday functions, and the inability to use abilities to their full extent. Navi must be recharged through time. (Think of Navi as being similar to calories one must take in) Just like fighting on an empty stomach is difficult to do, so is living with low amounts of Navi inside one’s body.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This is what your character is great and bad at in a fight, this section is not for hobbies or anything of a personal nature but rather your character's physical or mental prowess on, or off, the battlefield. This includes things such as physical strength, speed, stamina, durability, intelligence, flexibility, and much more specialized strengths and weaknesses. Always keep in mind that strengths and weaknesses should be comparable to a Starting tier, or an average human level! No throwing cars at the beginning tiers, which everyone starts at. Here is a general description of the major physical categories (always keep in mind there are many, many ways to implement strengths and weaknesses, and not all of them are listed in this short guide:

Strength- Your character's physical strength, how much can he/she lift? How powerful are they for a starting tier? Can they wield heavy weapons? Are they weak? Why is the character weak? Does the character prefer lighter or heavier clothing/armor/weapons because of their strength level?

Speed- Your character's general speed, this is pretty self explanatory, but speed can only go to a maximum level on this forum, as can be seen in the character creation rules. Some questions to ask while writing speed as a strength or a weakness are: Are they a sprinter? A runner? are they overweight and are slow? Do they wear armor or heavy clothing that would slow them down? How are they compared to someone of their Starting tier?

Stamina- How long your character can last doing physical activities as a starting tier. Do they have poor stamina and must fight battles in quick spurts in order to win? Or can they last for posts on end before they start feeling fatigued? Do they have any skills that allow them to have a good stamina or a poor stamina?

Durability- How much damage your character can take before being beaten. Does the character not have armor or thick clothing to ward off damage? Is the character a trained fighter who can take hits or are they an average person who hasn't had training?

Flexibility- As easy as it sounds, flexibility is how flexible your character is without anything holding them back, such as armor, or heavy weights. When adding this to strengths and weaknesses be sure to keep in mind that flexibility does not allow for a character to dodge things in awkward ways or they are always an acrobat. Keep in mind some of these good questions when thinking about your character's flexibility: Do they exercise a lot? Are they bulky and sinewy making it hard to be flexible? Is the character an actual acrobat or is he/she an average person with average flexibility? Does being flexible matter to your character, if they tend to wear armor?

Intelligence- One of the easiest of the strengths and weaknesses to abuse. On Novus, intelligence is regulated into three main categories: crafting, combat, and knowledge. Where crafting and knowledge do not come into play in strength and weaknesses, combat intelligence, and intelligence about combat (martial arts, etc.) does. Intelligence in strengths and weaknesses is only applicable to combat intelligence. This means that if a character knows how to create a sword, it does not mean that same character can utilize that sword to its utmost potential. Here are some questions to keep in  mind when talking about intelligence: What is my character intelligent about? Does the knowledge they possess apply to combat? If the intelligence they know applies to combat, how? Do they know any martial arts or efficiency in specific weaponry?
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Human Infomation
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