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 [Finished][Owasa][Done] Orange H.

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PostSubject: [Finished][Owasa][Done] Orange H.   Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:33 pm

Character Application

General Information
Name: Orange H.
Age: 22
Birth Clan: Owasa
Clan: Spirad
Birth Season: Winter
Gender: Male
Personality: Orange has a distinct personality, having lived as a slave for a long period in his life he emphasizes freedom more than anything. His virtues are many and his vices seem few, but becoming a close friend of this knight reveal more than just a virtuous warrior but a rather a steely individual who prefers action over talk. Orange is very righteous in the way he carries his actions and ambitions in public, not wanting to leave a fellow soldier behind in combat, he also prefers to defeat the threat through force, as killing and fighting is always an answer for those he sees as evil.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 250lbs.
Appearance: Without the armor H. is a sinewy man, but short in stature. He has hazel green eyes, thin lips, and strong cheek bones. Many say he has the face of his mother, and the body of his father, but in truth it is quite the opposite. H.'s hair color is originally born dirty blonde, but due to his Owasa clan heritage his body changes from time to time.
General Clothing: Orange generally wears light armor which includes gauntlets, greaves, a chestplate and backplate, helmet, and shoulder pauldrons. As can be seen in the picture above. The armor is lightweight and decently durable for normal use (Leveled by Tier which is in Equipment.) The armor is blue in color and the under padding is purple. Without the armor Orange wears a padded purple tunic and pants. H. also owns a red crimson cloak to shroud himself and protect from weather.

Background: An Owasa by birth, but a Spirad by name, Orange H. lived the life of a migrant; his parents having fled their tribe for greener and perhaps more safer pastures. Their tribe, having been at odds with neighboring clans for a long time, had finally been defeated in a minor skirmish by a small group of Sheng clansman. At the time of the defeat Orange had not even been born yet, but there were no other neighboring clans in the area at the time, so Orange's parents took their only chance by moving alone with a few other survivors. This small group only made it three days before they were captured by bandits and sold to a slave dealer at one of the major port towns at the time. There were only five all together, the mother and father, and three individuals that had simply lived through the humiliation of being captured alive, for the rest of the survivors had perished in the struggle.


General Fighting Style

Fighting Style: Orange fights like a demon in close quarters. Flailing his flail menacingly around the area and crushing his foes with brute force and speed. He is a powerful tank with his many buffs and debuffs, however he is at a disadvantage at range. The knight having no ranged abilities to speak of, unless he threw something. Orange loves to give a fight his all and sees loosing a fight as a horrible wound to his pride as a knight and soldier. He does not have any qualms with throwing sand at an opponents' eyes, nor does he care about breaking bones, so long as he accomplishes his goal.

Strengths: Orange is extremely powerful, having key amounts of stamina, durability, strength, and speed. Along with having a good portion of energy, energy control, and sensing of energy. He has buffs and debuffs that vary. He is very flexible.

Weaknesses: Orange has several weaknesses: no ranged abilities, besides the length of his flail, depending on his armor and mode of his flail he can be very slow or very fast with less attack or armor. He lacks real combat abilities as all of his weapons, armor, and abilities are mere buffs and debuffs of various things.

Powers, Equipment, and Skills

Starting Tier Abilities:

Tier 4-2 Ability:

Tier 2-2 Ability:

Tier 1-2 Ability:

Tier 0-2 Ability:

Forced Mutation
Appearance Description:

Tier 3-2 Ability:

Tier 0-0 Ability:

Role Play Information
Role Play Sample: Waling alone, cold and dismal, dreary Orange shuffled his feet slowly to and fro as the rough dirt road cracked and popped as pebbles moved with each step. The lone knight, a solitary figure on the horizon, moved along, mace and chain in hand the cold steely ball dragging across the dirt leaving deep grooves from its dulled spikes. Orange was tired, even after fighting the good fight and reaching his desired goal he felt emptiness still. His heart pumped and ached doing so. It wanted more. It needed more. And this longing soon traveled throughout the rest of the poor soldier's body as he slowly draped his crimson cloak around his shoulders once more, the torn fabric slipping across the rusted metal pauldrans.

Taking a deep breath H. stopped for a mere moment to glance at his surroundings. Nothing. There was nothing of interest, nothing to capture his eyes, nor was there anything to rekindle the dying flame of his passion that slowly began to dwindle and flicker on the dusty road. Breathing out the rotted air Orange tilted his head back down to the ground and began to move once again towards his next destination. A city of gold, or so it was supposed. This city was his hope for the time, perhaps Orange would find what he needed, comfort. After a long five years of turmoil and bloodshed he could for once think with a clear mind. But a clear mind did not make a happy one.

Small bit about your RP life: I've been along a small road of roleplaying websites such as Bleach Platinum Hearts, Bleach Era X, Heroes Among Us, and several others. I've come to appreciate and love the art of roleplaying and I hope to further it here on this new forum!
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[Finished][Owasa][Done] Orange H.
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