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PostSubject: Rayne Hir'Lapht   Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:19 pm

Character Application

General Information
Name: Rayne Hir'Lapht
Age: 22
Birth Clan: Atum
Clan: Renegade
Birth Season:Summer
Gender: Female
Personality:She doesn't have the ability to see a bright future in the world despite the fact she willingly fights for it, but she isn't exactly an empty glass either because she still believes life is worth saving and living which is why she continues to fight for a future she doesn't believe exists to begin with.

She is extremely intelligent causing her to view the world and all that exist in it in a very black and white manner. She rationalizes everything and because she's so smart she can do so so accurately that confusing her with a new situation is nearly impossible. She'll figure a way to make it seem rational even if it sounds preposterous at the time. Working the finer details out later if need be.

She is imaginative in that she is incredibly creative and able to think of a mass of complex things at once with very little effort, such as creating her own little world inside her head complete with individual people that act different and whole cities, but she is Logical in that she's not about to expect a unicorn to suddenly pop out of thin air.

She's very serious to a fault even if she doesn't seem or sound that way. Because of this it may be hard for outsider's to judge her true morals. They are infact very righteous as she does not believe evil should be tolerated.

She likes to observe civilizations and interactions between entities but isn't exactly socially adept herself. She'll remain quiet and just listen to others more than speak herself but she doesn't shy away from social activity. In fact being near others seems to refresh her even if she isn't doing anything more than observing/listening.

Like her confidence it isn't so much her being courageous as it is being too used to the world around her and being confortable with death. She has come to terms with the fact she could die any second anyways and she'll take any challenge thrown at her because of this though she still won't go out of her way and commit suicide. (literally or figuratively)

Even though she would most likely seem like an assassin type of person to an onlooker's perspective she holds high value for the sanctity of life from all viewpoints not just the human living standard. She'll fight against any evil but she will also protect anything good as species means nothing to her and has no bearing on her judgement calls.

She is also highly effective at combat strategies and is able to keep an organized plan in and for nearly any situation with multiple back up scenario's planned. Wherever she seems to be holed up for a home becomes much cleaner than it was when she originally arrived but only if she is by herself as she respects the "mess" caused by others as some people, at least in her mind, tend to like their own "messes".
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 130 lbs

General Clothing: Generally because she is used to wearing equipment she has spent her vast crafting skill on she does not tend to care or worry about her regular clothing. Leaving her to stay in mostly ragged clothing but she does clean them up sometimes.
Background: Her Atum history is nothing but a big blur to her. Her combat training only remains because it was so disciplined and so repetitive that even though her mind has forgotten her body continues to remember what it feels like to fight. This was caused by a natural accident that happened to her while she was travelling in the mountains in search of an Asula tribe to see if they would allow her to study their ways and come to a better understanding of natural energies. Which she had believed, previous to the accident, would help her improve as a craftsman. However before she could find the tribe she was looking for a landslide occurred burying her in rubble without even giving her the chance to defend herself. Knocking her unconcious in the process. Due to her armor that she had spent a great deal of effort to forge and take care of she survived, but when she came too her mind was hazed over and she could not recall anything other than her name, though that by itself did not come to her for many hours as she wandered down the mountainside she had previously wished to search the top of. She intends to figure out who she was and what she was doing, but seeing herself in armor did give her the impression she was a fighter of some kind. Rolling with that assumption she plans to find someone who would need a fighters help and maybe in return that person, or people, could help her figure some things out. For now though. Only time would tell what her future held.

General Fighting Style
Fighting Style: Despite having amnesia her body still remembers the countless days of rigorous military training at the Atum homeland capital city. Giving her a great assortment of intuition and physical prowess to at the very least figure things out along the way. At some point her extensive training might be remembered as well as the rest of her past but for now it is lost in a fog within her mind.
Strengths: Speed, Strength
Weaknesses: Her endurance is lackluster as compared to other Atum who chose and/or raised into a Military career.

Powers, Equipment, and Skills
Power Name Berserker Armor
Description She crafted a set of armor during her time training in the Atum Military and refined it and keeps it in top condition manually to the best of her abilities. She wears this thing almost non-stop unless it becomes necessary to take it off. It is extremely durable and dangerous due to it's unique design. Thanks to her strength and speed being good for one of Atum Blood the armor does not hamper her speed in battle by enough to notice. While it does cover every part of her body it is naturally structurally weaker around the neck, armpits, knees, and waist area of the suit because she needed those places to be manueverable and could not do that without making them weaker. Even so they are still a great source of protection.

Power Name Rayne's Blade
Description Using materials and matter around her she is able to create a sword to her specific choosing and strength. Making it just as strong as her armor whenever possible. This makes it difficult but not impossible to damage and break though because of how it was made she can usually just create a new one. Due to her own tastes the sword always looks the same as the image below.


Forced Mutation
Appearance Description: While nothing physical changes about her or her armor, her body exudes a dark and dangerous feeling aura of navipro while in her forced mutation state.

Power Name: Physical Boost
Description: Her physical body is pushed to it's limits in such a way as to not be dangerous to her health or lifespan.

Power Name: Blade of the Raging Flame
Description: Her sword "awakens" and changes into it's true appearance during her forced mutation, this physical change brings about it's ability to leave flaming arcs in it's swing path despite the sword not being on fire. Image below.


Role Play Information

Role Play Sample: I stab you in the butt. You die from massive anal hemmoraging. I win. Life moves on. Fear me.
Small bit about your RP life: Years of killing, fighting, protecting, healing, casting, dodging, and talking all wrapped up in one nice bundle of pure me. I mean awesome. I mean I am awesome. yeah Razz
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Rayne Hir'Lapht
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