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 Raid Boss Information -NXH Copy-

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PostRaid Boss Information -NXH Copy-

A raid boss, a strong powerful enemy that can take many, many, characters to even attempt to defeat. They hold great power and with it great reward. Usually in an isolated territory of its own, Raid Bosses are powerful creatures on par or even more powerful than Event Characters. While the two are not synonymous there are major differences and similarities between an Event Character and a Raid Boss.

We will start with the similarities, then the differences, and finally end on how these beings are created and used.

Similarities between Event and Raid Creatures

1. They are on a level of their own. This means they are more powerful than their tier states. While an event character can be as strong as its tier, it can also be stronger than it is stated.
2. They can only be fought in special circumstances. Raid Bosses can only be fought in a [RAID] Tag, while Event Characters can only be fought in an [EVENT] Tag thread.
3. The may have powers not normally accepted for individual characters all members have access to making. This means that due to their immense power they could have specialized abilities such as access to powers generally not allowed.
4. They sometimes grant special powers, events, story arcs, and experience, and sometimes equipment or crafting materials.
5. They both can only be defeated by teamwork of similarly powered characters. You won't be able to defeat a Raid Boss by yourself.

Differences Between Raid Bosses and Event Characters

1. Event Characters are only seen in [EVENT] tags, but Raid Bosses may be seen in both [EVENT] and [RAID] tags depending on the circumstances.
2. Event Characters can become standard characters after an Event has been played out, or a standard character can become an Event Character temporarily and return back to normal. A Raid Boss is always a Raid Boss.
3. Raid Bosses are generally more powerful than an Event Character. Raid Bosses are also not normally human, but an actual monster.

How They Are Created And Used

Raid Bosses require special templates to create, as well as Event Characters, but nonetheless they are both created like a standard character, with the extra information added to the template. The Raid Bosses are also held in a specific area on the world map which is there territory.

Only trusted members, staff, and NPC handlers can control Event Characters and Raid Bosses. The characters are given a lot of power and thus can only be used by those members that have shown they are can be trusted by a majority of the
staff and other members to prohibit any godmod.

Tier Power Level Comparison

The most important part of a Raid Boss or Event Character are their respective tiers. Their tiers mean something different than the normal tier ranking system. These characters are meant to be extremely powerful, and once there are more characters on the forum with different tiers, this forces Raid and Event creatures to have their own tier meanings, or tier set.

In general this means that if a Raid Boss is granted the tier of 0-3, that number is much more powerful than what it means. The tier itself means what rank the characters fighting it should be around, so if a Raid Boss is tiered at 5, then those fighting that boss should be at rank 5 or near it for them to have a fair chance as a team. The actual power of the Raid Boss or Event Character is described in their application and in the Thread itself. So a Tier 5 Raid Boss could be as powerful as four Tier 5 normal Characters, and yet a different Raid Boss could be a tier 5 and only be as powerful as two tier 5 normal characters. Simply put, the tier states how strong the character should be to fight the Raid Boss, and the separate number attached to the Raid Boss shows how many of normal characters are recommended to defeat it.

For example, a tier 0-3 Raid Boss can fight four 0-3 normal characters, so the Raid Bosses' tier is in fact 0-3(4).
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Raid Boss Information -NXH Copy- :: Comments

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Raid Boss Information -NXH Copy-

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