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 Beastiary Entry #8

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PostSubject: Beastiary Entry #8   Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:11 pm


Species Name: Fyrstr Ulfr (First Wolf)


Location: North tundra in Cefwyn and snowy mountain tops of Dracotem

Interesting Information: The First Wolves are much larger then the average wolf and quiet a rare sight. They are leaders of the pack that usually contain 5 to 6 normal wolves. Their size makes them much harder to combat and a large threat to unsuspecting survivalists. Fyrstr Ulfr are thought to be the original wolf before prey became less, hunting their targets to extinction. To most places they are but myth and legend. The Viefer community have strong history with these wolves and tend to hunt them as sort of a right to manhood.

First Wolves have a thick coat that protects them from ice damage almost entirely (75%) and are very fast. They are intelligent strategists as well making great use of their wolf pack to corner unsuspecting prey. However due to their size, it is harder for them to gain nourishment, First wolves have evolved around eating so much by being able to absorb Navis around them, however they still tire very easily and tend to have their wolf pack lighten their load.

Approximate Strength:

Abilities (If Applicable):

Chill breath~ First wolves are able to shoot a cone of icy breath that can freeze most things. Does heavy damage with a 3 post cooldown

Void Aura~ Due to the ability to absorb Navi around them, pure navi attacks take a 25% decrease.

Exhaustion~ After 6 posts of combat (combat meaning it in constant motion) It tires out and takes 75% hit to speed, strength, and durability.
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Beastiary Entry #8
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