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 Bestiary Entry #9

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PostSubject: Bestiary Entry #9   Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:32 pm


Species Name:Turba
parasitus (Swarm Parasite)


Location: Every where.

Interesting Information: They attack in swarms and clouds. These creatures are relatively harmless on their own, as they are no more than giant bugs, however in swarms they can begin to eat away at skin and other materials. They are well known for sinking ships at sea because they were already on the ship when they left land and ate the hull

Physiology Extremely tiny, only about the size of a small hand, they are less than 3 inches in height at their maximum. Furthermore, they have rough spiky skin and several tiny appendages. Think of them as an evil millipede.

Approximate Strength: 4-3 to 4-1 in cloud swarms. In even larger clouds they can become even more powerful.

Abilities (If Applicable): They have some unique capabilities.

1. They can eat through skin, armor, and energy with a 50% buff on such things while in swarms. Meaning armor is half as useful.

2. They attack in swarms, so they are able to reproduce at a lightening fast speed to strengthen up their numbers during a fight. This is similar to a "regeneration" ability where they can replicate half of their swarm with a 4 post cool down.

3. They leave acid burns on skin which counts as a light attack and a 1st degree burn for bites.

4. They fight as a hive mind allowing for strategies during fights.
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Bestiary Entry #9
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